Club By-Laws

  We, the collectors, dealers, and true lovers of old Carnival Glass, in order to interest and educate other people, to encourage learning and enlightening of one of America’s heritages, OLD CARNIVAL GLASS, to increase and promote friendship, and to give each an opportunity to participate in new discoveries and experiences concerning OLD CARNIVAL GLASS, history of the same, to recruit new members into our organization, to support legislation that makes permanent markings showing name or insignia of company and year of manufacturing imbedded in the product mandatory, including all imports in the field of antiques, and to discourage production of any reissue of OLD CARNIVAL GLASS in the future, to support policies of elected officials and at all times work with and through the TAMPA BAY CARNIVAL GLASS CLUB to bring about these things, do hereby ordain and establish this, our CONSTITUTION AND BY-LAWS.


    NAME OF ORGANIZATION: The name of the organization shall be THE TAMPA BAY CARNIVAL GLASS CLUB.
    MOTTO: Lose Your Heart to Carnival Glass.
    MEMBERSHIP: Any person, who believes in the things set forth in the Preamble herein, shall be eligible to become a member of the club.
    ORGANIZATION: The organization shall be directed by the following elected or appointed officers:
    President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer and appointed convention chairperson.
    HEADQUARTERS: Shall be at the home of the current elected President.


    THE TAMPA CARNIVAL GLASS CLUB shall be a not for profit organization


    The fiscal year of The Tampa Bay Carnival Glass Club shall commence on the first day of March and end on the last day of February.


    The voting power of each member of the club shall be equal.


    ANNUAL MEETING: The annual meeting of the membership shall be held in conjunction with the Jamboree. (If no Jamboree or similar event is held, then the February meeting will be designated as the annual meeting.)
    The date and place of the annual meeting shall be published through the newsletter at least (60) sixty days prior to the scheduled date.
    CHANGES TO THE CONSTITUTION: Changes to this constitution may be made only at the annual meeting by two-thirds (2/3) majority vote of the members present. Notice of the proposed change must be provided to the general membership at least (60) sixty days prior to the annual meeting through the newsletter.


    SECTION 1 GENERAL: The principal officers of the Tampa Bay Carnival Glass Club shall be the President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer, elected from the general membership. Terms of office shall be for two (2) years, elected on alternating years, with the President and Treasurer being elected in 2008 for a two year term, and the Vice-President and Secretary elected for a one (1) year term. The Vice President and Secretary will then be re-elected in 2009 for a two (2) year term, therefore having alternating years for officer elections. The duties of the each officer shall be:
    President: The duties of the president are to carry out the intention of the club as set forth in the Preamble and By-Laws of the club. To conduct from the chair all general and monthly and membership meetings, to lend guidance to the club during the convention, and all other special events.
    Vice-President: To assist the president in the gathering of information for further benefit of the club, and to serve in the absence of the president at the general and monthly membership meetings.
    Secretary: To assist the president during the general and monthly membership meetings, to take minutes of the general and monthly membership meetings and forward minutes to the newsletter editor for publication in the monthly newsletter. To maintain the club roster and forward any changes to the newsletter editor. To carry out all necessary correspondence and keep a record of club affairs. The secretary will ensure that the results of the annual election of officers are published in the newsletter immediately following the election.
    Treasurer: To collect all dues and funds, and publish a monthly statement as to the finances of the club. To assist other officers in the daily running of the club. The treasurer shall forward to the secretary changes relating to the membership status if they fall into arrears on their dues, allowing the roster to be kept current.
    Newsletter Editor: It shall be the responsibility of the president, through the office of the newsletter editor or other arrangement, to ensure that the newsletter is printed, issued and mailed, as well as all periodicals of the club, in a timely manner.


    VOTING PROCEDURE: Voting by proxy shall not be permitted.


    QUORUM: At any meeting, members present shall constitute a quorum for all purposes, except when otherwise provided by the constitution or by-laws of the Club.
    COMMITTEES: The officers of the club are empowered to establish such committees, as they deem necessary, and to delegate the members of such committees.


    SECTION I DUES: Annual dues in the amount of fifteen ($25) dollars per household for domestic or non U.S. residents, shall be made payable to the treasurer prior to March 1, of the fiscal year. The dues year will conform to the operating fiscal year as previously provided. Each household shall receive a copy of the Constitution and By-Laws and a roster at the time of joining, and shall be entitled to receive the newsletter and any other publications of the club.
    SECTION II: When a member fails to pay his/her dues within a three (3) month grace period, they will be designated delinquent and will not receive any further mailings or participate in the annual meeting. Reinstatement shall be effective upon payment of current dues.
    SECTION III Resignation:  A member may terminate membership by submission of a notification of intent to do so and dues will be forfeited.


    MEETINGS: Regular monthly meetings will be held on the second Saturday of each month. When conflicts with a national holiday or other event, the scheduled meeting date may be changed by a vote of the membership at the prior meeting.


    CHANGES TO THE BY-LAWS: Any necessary By-Laws, which are not contrary to the Constitution may be added or changed by a majority vote of the membership in a regular meeting of the club. A copy of the changed By-Laws must be published and mailed to the general membership.